Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's Christmas At Ground Zero

I apologize for my long-term neglect of this blog. I've been kept extremely busy by my studies. It'll be awhile before I post again as well, since I leave for Moscow next week and I'll only have intermittent internet access there.

While I was fiddling around on Google Video, I discovered this hilarious video someone made for Weird Al's "It's Christmas At Ground Zero." Talk about atomic culture! Does anyone recognize the anime(s) that were used to make it?

There are a variety of nuclear-related goodies on Google Video, including a number of old civil defense films. I'm tempted to upload a transfer of the first episode of Retrospect, the almost totally-forgotten American Civil Defense TV series from 1960. Retrospect was hosted by Douglas Edwards, America's original TV news anchor. Does anyone out there remember this show?