Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is This Blog Inpenetrable?

.... apparently.


Christian said...

Actually, my blog got genius level too, and I consider my blog to be pretty doofus-friendly (me being a doofus myself, of course).

Also, given the extremely short amount of time that the "Readability test" took to spit out a result, I was initially pretty sure it didn't bother digging through any archives, and was therefore not that accurate. But then I put my two picture-blogs through it, and one got "College" while the other got "High School."

I guess we're both just really stuffy and need to write more about Britney Spears' new album and pirates and stuff. (Though pirates are pretty awesome...)

Ohadi Langis said...

For what it's worth Foreign Policy's blog 'Passport' got a much less stellar rating and commented online there must be something wrong with the assessment methods. I agree, I've never read a foreign policy / national security blog that wrote for readers below the college undergraduate level. However, like all bloggers, I occasionally post off topic information which can skew the results. Here's an example and it is safe for work.