Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hyperbole Can Provide All of Our Energy For The Indefinite Future

What is Genesys?
Our Technology is the ONLY cost effective solution that:

  • Eliminates global warming
  • Provides energy security for everyone
  • Totally renewable
  • Supply abundant energy at reasonable cost
  • Eliminate the need for ALL fossil fuels
  • Completely non-polluting
  • Can be produced anywhere
  • Can supply all our energy needs for the future


Sound too good to be true? Of course it is. I made the mistake of suffering through the entire video, and I'm not sure exactly how many physical laws this thing violates. From the sound of it its supposed to be a magical fuel cell that "knows" everything about the individual water molecules and can therefore dissociate them with 95% efficiency. (Maxwell's Demon, anyone?) Never mind that a) hydrogen is not a very good energy carrier and b) if energy to produce hydrogen were so abundant, we'd already be using it to generate electricity. But for one of these free-energy fantasies they sure do muster a lot of impressive-looking equations to distract readers from the fact that the scheme violates basic common sense.

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