Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Can't Believe They Let Me Take This Picture

Inside the Control Room of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1.


Christian said...


Joffan said...

Heh, it is closed down after all.

Anyway - I agree with Christian. And I expect a long article or series when you get back!

Sovietologist said...

The reason I'm amazed is that it is forbidden to take pictures of the plant from the outside (with the exception of the sarcophagus) but when we asked, we were allowed to take photos of much of the interior, including this control room, circulation pumps, and the bomb shelter where the plant administrators met after the accident. This reached a maximum level of irony when we were in the mock-up hall (which contains a scale model of the plant and has large windows): we could take pictures so long as they didn't include the view out the window.