Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Important New Declassified Documents on USAF and Nuclear Weapons

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the National Security Archive at George Washington University has posted a number of very interesting declassified institutional histories produced by the USAF. These include some very interesting discussions of the relationship between weapons acquisitions and strategic doctrine. There's a lot of material here, and it is going to take me awhile to digest all of it. But if you're into this sort of thing, I wholeheartedly recommend that you go take a look.


DV8 2XL said...

Wow - great find. I'll be happy for days going through this lot. Thanks

Ashutosh said...

These documents look fascinating, thanks. So I guess it is a pretty well-founded belief that the air force was more or less singularly intent on using nuclear weapons in many early Cold-War conflicts.